Mind The Gap

We are on the cusp of the new year!

A time when people make massive goals and hope flows like champagne at an elaborate party!

So why talk about minding the gap?

Because 3 to 6 months from now these hopeful and idealistic goals will either be reached or if they were some big ones — like the kinds ambitious entrepreneurs and career professionals like to set — they might turn into sore spots and perceived failure.

That is — if we don’t mind the gap.

I had huge goals for 2021.

And I took big risks and massive amounts of action and times of inaction. Let’s be honest, no one is perfect!

The end of the year is here and I felt a deep sense of being nowhere near where I wanted to be.

And this is dangerous.

It will influence the next decisions you make.

Maybe I don’t write the article — no one is reading. Maybe I don’t do the webinar — no one is listening. Maybe I don’t think of new ways to better serve my now clearer and more vivid avatar. Maybe I will take a job that does not work well with building my dreams — yes some can.

Bottom line — this mindset is a reflection of you being in the gap. The gap is where you compare yourself to an ever-moving or huge goal(s) you set out for yourself AND experience defeat from not achieving the goal(s).

Thankfully a friend encouraged me to read the book “the Gap and the Gain”.

I brought myself to tears looking back from where I was in April 2021 when I left behind my high-paying job and even further back to April 2020 when my podcast was merely two months old.

Back in April 2020 I had maybe 5% to 10% of the knowledge that I have now about building a business, the processes needed, how to put them in place, who to hire and where to find people to hire.

By April 2021 — my CRM was still not yet set up properly; I wrote no articles; I had not gone on over 50 podcasts; I knew a few operators; I had no database of operators; I had not had 50 plus conversations with investors from all walks of life; I had not hosted weekly webinars, and I had not realized that I have skills that come naturally to me that I can use to help others and hence launched The Boutique Fund CPA.

By December 2021, I was able to co-GP with an awesome team and raise my largest capital raise to date… most of all I realize that where I am right now is because of all the progress I have made and I refuse to let the candle of my dream be blown out because I did not hit my ideal goals.

I share this because I know there are other people thinking about blowing out the candle of their dreams — ie. Business goals, career achievement, building a podcast, youtube channel, or anything else.

And I want to encourage you to read The Gap and The Gain first and secondly take a look at where you are coming from, what you now know and have learnt about this journey.

Set new goals for 2022 but remember to include measuring backwards and to take action from the place that you are improving and doing better instead of from a place of lack, scarcity, and always falling short.

To 2022, Happy New Year — and let’s go!

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About the Author

Lisa is the CEO of Lisahylton.com, a real estate company that helps entrepreneurs invest in tax-efficient real estate investments. At Lisahylton.com, Lisa and her team focus on buying apartments with investors and shares the profits. This strategy enables her investors to build wealth and passive income through investing in conservative, high-quality multifamily assets.

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